School Trips and Young Travel Germany

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Leipzig City of Music
Great musicians such as Bach, Mendelssohn Bartholdy and Gustav Mahler are associated with Leipzig, as is a young, creative music scene.
3 days from € 59
Dresden for Explorers
A perfect journey for anyone who wants to explore Dresden individually for a great price!
3 days from € 89
Berlin Winter Special
You will be surprised how affordable and relaxed Berlin is during the cold season!
5 days from € 99
Potsdam and Berlin
Combine the idyllic cultural landscape of Potsdam and the vibrant big city flair of Berlin in one school trip!
Berlin, Potsdam
5 days from € 112
This journey combines history, politics and an innovative show experience at the Stage Bluemax Theatre at Potsdamer Platz.
4 days from € 145
Frankfurt Money moves the World
Money, Money, Money - This journey reveals why money has such a strong influence on the economy, thinking and behaviour.
Frankfurt am Main
5 days from € 145
Hamburg School Trip
Big tankers and a hint of the wide, wide world - Hamburg keeps taking the No. 1 spot as favourite travel destination for school trips.
5 days from € 159
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